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Daily Price Points - 7/20/2010Urner Barry
  • USDA Crude Soybean Oil (Cash Price): $36.15, 1 Week Ago: $35.67, 52 Weeks Ago: $32.27
  • Omaha, US No 2 Yellow Corn (Cash Price): $3.40, 1 Week Ago: $3.43, 52 Weeks Ago: $2.94
  • Yellow Sheet Pork Carcass Cutout Value: $0.823, 1 Week Ago: $0.8127, 52 Weeks Ago: $0.6555
  • UB Turkey Index - Total Value - Hen: $0.883 , 1 Week Ago: $0.8854, 52 Weeks Ago: $0.5876
  • Urner Barry Chicken Index: $0.702, 1 Week Ago: $0.7006, 52 Weeks Ago: $0.732
  • YS Beef Index: $1.499, 1 Week Ago: $1.5023, 52 Weeks Ago: $1.3863
  • NYMEX Light Crude Oil Continuous Front-Month Futures (Symbol CL): $77.44, 1 Week Ago: $77.15, 52 Weeks Ago: $64.72

Sensory Experience: Wrigley Gum Stimulates Senses and Growth

Stimulate your senses. That's the tagline for marketing messages that accompany Wrigley's newest branded chewing gum called 5. The line launched in early 2007, and in its first year has managed to stimulate growth as much as the five human senses.

by Nick Roskelly

Full Article

2008 New Product Development Study

For many processors, the framework for product development efforts has shifted. This year research and development groups (R&D) will focus on “healthy” and “natural” products, and pay close attention to consumer demand for “organic” offerings. Fewer will use teams in tackling product planning and development, and less will follow a set plan in 2008. As budgets fluctuate and the pace of new product development quickens, 2008 promises to be an interesting year on many fronts.

by Sarah Corp

Full Article

Friendship Dairies launches cottage cheese with pre-, probiotic fiber

by Bev Bennett

Pregis forms distributor council
Pregis Distributor Council (PDC) was formed by Pregis Corp. to help speed-to-market protective packaging solutions for end-use customers.

by Kathie Canning

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